Magnani: The History

The Magnani company was founded in Tuscany in 1948, in a region with a deep-rooted textile tradition, particularly in the fashion sector.
In the beginning, it was a women's clothing manufacturer based in Empoli, started by Gorizia Magnani, a seamstress, entrepreneur, and aunt of Antonio Magnani, who took over in 1972.

In 1973, Franca Semplici began working for Magnani.
After years of working side by side with Antonio, the two fell in love, and in February 1991, they decided to open the first bridal atelier, converting the family business and elevating it to a high-fashion workshop to fulfill Franca's dream of dressing all women on their special day.

The Magnani Atelier was inaugurated at its new location in San Romano while Franca was expecting Claudia, the future new generation of the company.
From that moment, the Atelier expanded from its Tuscan base throughout Italy, bringing high-quality products to the homes of thousands of Italian women, accompanying them to the altar. This was also thanks to Franca's innovation, the Dual Dress, because why have just one dress when you can have two in one? "Our Dual Dress is the long dress that magically becomes short!"

Franca Semplici


Claudia and Franza

In 2005, the headquarters were moved to the current location in San Miniato. Thanks to Antonio's entrepreneurial skills and Franca's high tailoring abilities, from a small local business with 3 employees, the Magnani Atelier became a continuously growing national reality. It developed over an area of 2,000 square meters, generating a continuous flow of bridal and high fashion dresses, distributed in ateliers throughout Italy and much of the world, contributing to the spread and affirmation of true "Made in Italy."

Since 2021, in the period immediately following Covid-19, the goal has been to have an international opening, renewing the company's image while maintaining the brand's history, craftsmanship, and high quality.

Magnani: The Vision

For over 30 years, Magnani wedding dresses have been an expression of Made in Italy design and quality.
The stylistic study, always attentive to trends and changes in the Fashion System, has always adopted a precise way of working, respecting tradition and attention to detail. The Magnani Atelier employs experienced seamstresses and pattern makers; a combination of skills and ideas, where the design of wedding dresses is constantly reinvented and adapted to contemporary tastes.


Research, innovation, historical identity of the brand, and style are the keywords of the Magnani Atelier's vision.
Magnani Sposa offers various lines, such as the Claudia Collection, Bridal Couture, and Dolci Linee, always attentive to the different needs of clients and the latest trends without ever neglecting the importance of craftsmanship in handmade dresses in Italy.

Magnani: The Mission

Thanks to creativity, passion, and experience acquired over the years, quality and service are the values and marks that distinguish Magnani wedding dresses.

Every day, the commitment of Magnani and the team is focused on creating dream dresses that highlight women's elegance and beauty, accompanying them on the most important day of their lives.

Dressing women for their wedding day means living it with them, accompanying each woman in the big step, which is why the work is extremely gratifying. Regardless of the geographical location, from the West to the Far East, the Magnani Atelier pays attention to all requests, taking care of every detail of the dress; for Magnani, every bride is unique in her own way.

Magnani wedding dresses are a completely artisanal and meticulous creation that combines tailoring tradition with the most advanced techniques, a personalized working system that has allowed the Magnani Atelier to stand out in the bridal sector for years.

Claudia and Franza