The philosophy

Magnani: The Philosophy

At Magnani Sposa, you don't find a retailer, you find high tailoring. The magic of Magnani is to design and build the wedding dress on the bride, not to sell the sample piece.

The customization of the dress is at the heart of the Magnani philosophy. The garment is made as the bride wants it; the length, the sleeves, the neckline, the choice of lace, everything is studied exclusively for the bride. The Magnani wedding dress is tailored according to the proportions and measurements of the bride; personalized according to her ideas.

In the Magnani Atelier, you find a family service, the bride is pampered, listened to, she is neither judged nor intimidated. The Magnani team specializes in listening to the bride's needs and difficulties; she is guided in her choice.

Magnani wedding dresses have a different style, an Italian taste, Made in Tuscany, which looks to the future and trends without turning its back on history, craftsmanship, and quality.

The relationship with the brides is a unique bond that grows during all the meetings.
The Designer supervises the fittings, pinning and adjusting the garment perfectly on each bride.

This is the philosophy of Magnani, come and discover it in our Atelier.

Franca Semplici