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Magnani at "Undercover Boss"

San Miniato. Two open-ended contracts and as many trips given away, one in Brazil, the other in the area of the castles of the Loire in France. the episode of "Undercover Boss" it ended with tears of emotion, hugs and kisses starring Magnani sposa of San Miniato. The sort of reality show, which airs every Monday on Rai Due, saw the company's art director, Franca Semplici, disguise herselves as Teresa, apprentice to grips with the various sectors of the company.

The manager put a red wig and took off her heels, wearing shoes amphibious and simple clothes, plaing to be another person to understand strengths and weaknesses of her company, with the aim of improving the performance. The "trick" was filmed by cameras with the excuse to make a documentary on the world of work. However there is no sign of these good intentions, in the transmission (conducted by Constantine Gherardesca), unless some measures like masks for those stretches that prevent the inhalation of substances used to correct any blemishes. "It is clear that an analysis of the business organization does not emerge - Franca semplici says - But this program helped us to be known and above all to make it clear that companies like ours, which are completely made in Italy, are varied and must be protected.

Here is a particular aspect of the program, because the art director of Magnani, said in broadcast that "the government has to support companies that make quality products employing Italians." A strong message that, judging from the numerous telephone calls yesterday, has had great success. But in the hour and a half of broadcast on Rai 2 is blown out the human side of the program Franca, alias Teresa, came into contact with four of her employees: Giusy, the lady at the wedding dresses fashion shows for retailers who sell clothes Magnani; Mary, the ironer; Elisa the salewoman; Marzia the lady at the store in San Vincenzo, and Danuta the seamstress who works at home. Between them, only Mary, who has a six-month contract, acknowledged the "boss incongnito", while the others behaved normally. The most touching moment was with Elisa, when the two spoke of Franca’s mothers. At the end, there was the revelation, with great nervousness on the part of employees, but with a happy ending. Mary and Danuta were hired for an indefinite period, Elisa was given a trip with her husband to the Loire chateaux, as they didn’t make the journey after the wedding. Giusy, however, will go to Brazil with their children and the new partner.