Wide dress in tulle and embroidered lace - LX36

Wide dress in tulle and embroidered lace - LX36

LX36 - Details

Are you dreaming of a grand and elegant wedding dress that will make you feel like a princess on your special day? Look no further! Allow us to introduce the breathtaking LX36 wedding dress from the renowned Dolci Linee Atelier Magnani collection. This wide gown crafted in exquisite embroidered lace and delicate tulle is the epitome of sophistication and grace, perfect for curvy women looking to celebrate their femininity and sensuality.

Exquisite Embroidered Lace

The LX36 wedding dress is adorned with the star of the show - intricate embroidered lace. This regal fabric takes center stage, especially on the sheer lace bolero, which becomes an integral part of the gown, delicately draping the bride's shoulders and back. The dress features a flattering sweetheart neckline, allowing the bride to showcase her décolleté with a touch of sensuality, while maintaining an overall elegant look.

A Princess-Style Silhouette

  • Wide gown in delicate embroidered lace and tulle
  • Regal princess-style silhouette
  • Flattering slightly defined waistline
  • Elegant sheer lace bolero
  • Delicate tulle gracefully drapes the body
  • Luxurious silk lining
  • Majestic long cascading train
  • Perfect for curvy women

Sensuality and Elegance in Harmony

The tulle skirt gently cascades over the curves of the body, creating a mesmerizing effect. Its luxurious silk lining adds a regal touch, making the gown exude an aura of majesty. The gown features a long cascading train, adding to the enchanting allure as it gracefully flutters during the bride's walk down the aisle.

The seamless union of the fitted bodice and the voluminous skirt achieves the perfect harmony, emphasizing the bride's voluptuous figure. To preserve the delicacy of the dress, no other accessories are necessary, allowing the gown's refined beauty to shine through. We recommend a pair of earrings to add a touch of sparkle and complement the bride's radiant glow.

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