Wedding dress in Chantilly lace with organza skirt - LX25

Wedding dress in Chantilly lace with organza skirt - LX25

LX25 - Details

Welcome to the Magnani Sposa collection, where beauty and elegance come together to create the perfect day of your dreams. We are thrilled to present the magnificent wedding dress model LX25, from the Dolci Linee collection, designed specifically to enhance the beauty of curvy women. This sensual and ethereal wedding dress captivates with its refined design and high-quality materials used in its creation.

Chantilly Lace Bodice: Timeless Elegance

The heart of this extraordinary wedding dress is the bodice crafted from exquisite Chantilly lace. Chantilly lace is renowned for its delicate and lightweight texture, adding a touch of sensuality and romantic femininity. The bodice is designed to embrace the bust with grace, offering a refined and alluring look.

Chantilly Lace: A Touch of Romance

  • Lightweight and sophisticated texture
  • Adds a touch of sensuality and femininity
  • Elegant design that gracefully embraces the bust

Organza Skirt: Lightness and Enchantment

The skirt of the LX25 dress is a masterpiece of grace and lightness. Made of organza, a transparent and airy fabric, the skirt opens up in a delicate front pleat, creating an ethereal and romantic effect. The choice of organza for the skirt allows for fluid movements and gives an airy and dreamy appearance.

Organza: Airy Fabric for an Ethereal Look

  • Transparent and lightweight fabric
  • Ethereal and graceful effect
  • Front pleat for a romantic touch

Bow Belt: Personalizing the Silhouette

A touch of practicality and style is added by the bow belt that embellishes the waist of the LX25 dress. This belt adds a touch of versatility and comfort, perfect for brides who want to subtly conceal their sides and wish to feel confident and captivating in their wedding dress.

Bow Belt for the Perfect Silhouette

  • Elegant belt that enhances the waist
  • Graceful bow for a stylish touch
  • Ideal option for subtly concealing the sides


The LX25 wedding dress is a delightful choice for curvy women who desire a sensual and ethereal look on their wedding day. The combination of Chantilly lace bodice and organza skirt creates an effect of pure elegance and refinement. The bow belt adds a touch of versatility and comfort, allowing for personalizing the silhouette to individual preferences. Choose Magnani Sposa for your special day and be enchanted by the timeless beauty of the LX25 dress.

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