Slip dress in silk tulle and embroidered lace. - LX20

Slip dress in silk tulle and embroidered lace. - LX20

LX20 - Details

Welcome to the Magnani Sposa collection, where beauty combines with elegance to create the perfect day of your dreams. Today we are excited to present to you the magnificent wedding dress model LX20 from the Dolci Linee collection, designed specifically to enhance the beauty of curvy women. This stunning dress with a smooth hand-sewn silk tulle, adorned with embroidered rebrodé lace appliqués, will make you feel unique and elegant on your wedding day.

Elegance and Brightness with Lace Appliqués

One of the distinctive features of this dress is the embroidered rebrodé lace appliqués, which add brightness to the dress and the bride's face. These exquisite details frame the décolleté with refinement, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. The lace appliqués make the dress even more special and perfect for the wedding day.

Features of the Lace Appliqués

  • Brightness to the dress and the bride's face
  • Frame the décolleté with refinement
  • Add a touch of elegance to the overall design

Hand-Sewn Silk Tulle: A Smooth and Elegant Fabric

The particular craftsmanship of the smooth hand-sewn silk tulle gives the dress a unique lightness and elegance. This smooth fabric delicately envelops the figure, creating a sophisticated and romantic look. The choice of hand-sewn silk tulle makes the dress comfortable to wear, ensuring a sense of ease throughout the day.

Features of the Hand-Sewn Silk Tulle

  • Unique lightness and elegance
  • Sophisticated and romantic look
  • Comfortable to wear throughout the day


The LX20 wedding dress from the Magnani Sposa Collection is the perfect choice for curvy women who desire an elegant and refined look for their wedding day. The embroidered rebrodé lace appliqués add brightness and refinement, framing the décolleté with style. The smooth hand-sewn silk tulle gives a unique lightness and elegance, delicately enveloping the figure. Choose Magnani Sposa for your special day and feel unique and elegant in the LX20 dress.

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