Redingot dress in Chantilly lace - LX37

Redingot dress in Chantilly lace - LX37

LX37 - Details

If you dream of feeling like a princess on your wedding day, look no further! The magnificent LX37 wedding dress from the prestigious Dolci Linee Collection by Magnanispose is exactly what you've been searching for. This opulent gown, crafted in luxurious Chantilly lace with a delightful redingote, is dedicated to curvy women who wish to celebrate their femininity and sensuality with style and grace.

Mermaid Elegance with Redingote

The Dolci Linee wedding dress by Magnanispose is an enchanting mermaid-style gown that exudes charm and refinement. The neckline has an even cut, adorned with an exquisite lace bolero, while a delicate Swarovski application at the waist adds a touch of brilliance. The strapless neckline is deep, accentuating the curves and creating an atmosphere of absolute seduction.

Unique Sensuality and Charm

  • Mermaid gown with Chantilly lace and redingote
  • Perfect for curvy women
  • Neckline with lace bolero
  • Swarovski application at the waist
  • Deep neckline to enhance the curves
  • Matching accessories like lace gloves
  • Recommended jewelry-style shoes
  • Veil, headpiece, or hairpins for hairstyle
  • Enhances femininity and sensuality
  • Touches of romance and charm

This magnificent wedding dress is long and wide, requiring jewelry-style shoes that can be visible and further enrich the overall appearance. Accessories such as a veil, headpiece, or hairpins can be carefully chosen to complete the look without weighing down the face. The woman wearing this wedding dress is attractive, full of charm and allure, and can be sure to be the absolute protagonist of her most important day.

This dress has the power to enhance and emphasize the curves, exuding sensuality and highlighting the femininity of every woman. The touches of romance and charm present in this gown make every bride even more special, allowing her to experience her wedding day as a true dream come true.

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