Mermaid Style Wedding Dress - LX29

Mermaid Style Wedding Dress - LX29

LX29 - Details

If you are looking for a wedding dress that enhances your sweet lines and makes you feel like a princess on the most important day of your life, then the LX29 model from the "Sweet Lines" collection by Magnani Bridal is the perfect choice for you.

The LX29 Model: Elegance and Femininity

The LX29 model is an elegant mermaid-style dress made with exquisite materials such as tulle and silk. This dress has been meticulously handcrafted by our expert Italian artisans, who have taken care of every detail to ensure an extraordinary result.

Perfect for Women with Curves

We understand that every woman is unique and deserves to feel beautiful in her wedding dress. The "Sweet Lines" collection has been specially designed to enhance curves, offering designs that embrace feminine curves in a harmonious and seductive way.

  • Diagonal draping: The LX29 dress features elegant diagonal draping that slims the silhouette, creating a slimming and graceful effect.
  • Lace inserts: The lace inserts on the bodice and skirt add a touch of romance and bring light to this beautiful design.
  • Well-structured: Whether you're a curvy girl or not, this dress has been designed to provide excellent structure that naturally enhances your curves.

Made in Italy: Craftsmanship Excellence

At Magnani Bridal, we take pride in offering made in Italy wedding dresses crafted with mastery. Each dress is the result of passion, dedication, and expertise, and we are happy to carry on the Italian tradition in the bridal fashion industry.

If you're looking for a wedding dress that enhances your beauty and makes you feel unique on your wedding day, the LX29 model from the "Sweet Lines" collection is the ideal choice. Be the star of a dream come true with Magnani Bridal.

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