Lace slip dress - LX 071

Lace slip dress - LX 071

LX 071 - Details

Discover the enchanting LX071 wedding dress from the Dolci Linee Collection by Atelier Magnani. This slinky model is entirely crafted in lace with embroidered and luminous appliques, enhancing the bride's figure in a sensual yet subtle manner, perfect for a seductive silhouette. The deep V-neckline is designed to highlight a generous bosom, while the flesh-colored mesh creates a delicate see-through effect, ideal for a bride's special day.

Elegance and Refinement

The LX071 wedding dress is a masterpiece from Atelier Magnani's Dolci Linee Collection. The slinky design is meticulously crafted in exquisite lace with embroidered and luminous appliques, giving the dress an important and refined look. The moderately wide skirt with a light train is adorned with the embroidery, making it suitable for an evening wedding as well. The skillful use of fine Italian trimmings adds to its allure, making this model particularly appreciated by brides seeking something unique and special for their big day.

Perfection in Detail

This wedding dress doesn't require elaborate accessories to complete its style. Simple silk slingback shoes with high heels, matching the dress's color, are the perfect choice for the bride. The earrings, also of importance, can redefine the bride's face, making it the focal point of the look. They can be paired with an elegant necklace or a simple tennis bracelet for an exceptional result.

Key Features:

  • Slinky model in lace with embroidered and luminous appliques
  • Deep V-neckline to highlight the bosom
  • Moderately wide skirt with a light train
  • Fine Italian trimmings for a refined touch

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