In satin with Chantilly lace insert. - LX23

In satin with Chantilly lace insert. - LX23

LX23 - Details

Welcome to the Magnani Sposa collection, where beauty and elegance come together to create the perfect day of your dreams. Today, we present to you the exceptional wedding dress model LX23 from the Dolci Linee collection, specifically designed to enhance the beauty of curvy women. This unique wedding dress in A-line satin with Chantilly lace insert will make the bride who wears it precious and unique.

Shape and Color: Uniqueness and Preciousness

The shape and color of this wedding dress make it truly special. The A-line cut is perfect for highlighting the silhouette, providing timeless elegance. The rosy shade of the skirt is achieved by working multiple layers of tulle in different tones, on which a soft layer of organza is placed. This particular detail gives the dress a unique delicacy and harmony, perfect for such an important day.

A-line Shape: Elegant and Timeless Silhouette

  • Cut that enhances the figure
  • Timeless elegance
  • Perfect for curvy women

Rosy Color of the Skirt: Unique Harmony

  • Shade achieved by layers of tulle
  • Soft layer of organza for delicacy
  • Perfect harmony for the wedding day

Chantilly Lace Insert: Elegance and Refinement

The element that adds even more refinement to this dress is the Chantilly lace insert. This exquisite lace enriches the gown with details of great beauty and uniqueness. Chantilly lace is a symbol of timeless elegance, perfect for a bride who wants to feel like a true princess on her wedding day. The lace insert harmoniously complements the A-line shape of the dress, creating an effect of pure refinement.

Chantilly Lace: Timeless Beauty

  • Details of great beauty and uniqueness
  • Symbol of timeless elegance
  • Effect of pure refinement


The LX23 wedding dress from the Magnani Sposa Collection is the perfect choice for curvy women who desire a unique and elegant look for their wedding day. The A-line shape with Chantilly lace insert adds a touch of refinement and timeless beauty. The rosy shade of the skirt, achieved by working multiple layers of tulle and organza, creates a perfect harmony for such an important day. Choose Magnani Sposa for your special day and be enchanted by the unique and precious beauty of the LX23 dress.

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