Dress in tulle and rebrodé lace - LX 068

Dress in tulle and rebrodé lace - LX 068

LX 068 - Details

Welcome to the world of sensuality and elegance with the LX068 wedding dress from the Dolci Linee Collection by Collezione Magnani Sposa. This exquisite gown is designed for curvy women who desire a unique blend of delicacy and vintage charm for their special day.

A Delicate Mix of Rebrodè Lace and Tulle

The LX068 wedding dress features a perfect fusion of soft and delicate lines, expertly crafted in exquisite rebrodè lace and tulle, which adds a touch of retro charm to its overall design. The bodice showcases an enchanting sweetheart neckline, beautifully adorned with meticulously worked lace details, while the back is graced with covered buttons.

A Romantic Corset and Ethereal Skirt

  • The upper part of the gown presents a form-fitting corset with a sweetheart neckline, complemented by a semi-transparent oversized sleeve in intricate lace, elegantly descending three-quarters down the arm.
  • The skirt is a delicate display of flowing tulle, gracefully following the bride's silhouette and accentuating her curves.
  • The waistline is regular, giving the figure the perfect uplift and definition, effortlessly connecting the corset with the skirt.
  • The gown features a graceful V-shaped peak at the back of the skirt, formed by an exquisite combination of high-quality materials, meticulously finished.
  • The gown has a floor-length hem with a regular edge, avoiding an overly long train to ensure easy movement for the bride.
  • The delicate buttons follow the line of the back, beautifully closing the dress with an enchanting decorative motif, seemingly suspended on the lace transparency.
  • Each button is covered with white fabric, matching the thicker fabric of the corset.

A Light and Ethereal Ensemble

The LX068 wedding dress is a testament to its light and ethereal design, capturing the essence of romance with its overlapping layers of different fabrics.

The flowing skirt generates movement while gracefully defining the curves, while the upper part accentuates the shoulders with the refined beauty of the lace.

Embrace Your Sensuality on Your Special Day

If you envision yourself walking down the aisle in a gown that exudes sensuality and timeless charm, the LX068 wedding dress is the perfect choice for you.

Embrace your curves and feel like a vision of romance and elegance as you say "I do." The Dolci Linee Collection by Collezione Magnani Sposa is specially designed for women who desire a vintage and romantic style.

Step into the world of delicacy and allure with the LX068 wedding dress from the Dolci Linee Collection. Celebrate your beauty and create lasting memories on your wedding day.

Key Features:

  • Delicate mix of rebrodè lace and tulle for a touch of retro charm
  • Form-fitting corset with a sweetheart neckline for a romantic look
  • Semi-transparent oversized sleeve in intricate lace adds elegance
  • Flowing tulle skirt gracefully follows the bride's silhouette
  • Regular waistline gives the perfect uplift and definition
  • Exquisite combination of materials with meticulous finishing
  • Floor-length hem with a regular edge for ease of movement
  • Delicate buttons adorned with an enchanting decorative motif
  • Light and ethereal design for a romantic ensemble
  • Perfect for curvy women seeking a vintage and romantic style

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