Dress in tulle and embroidered lace - LX32

Dress in tulle and embroidered lace - LX32

LX32 - Details

Welcome to the Magnani Sposa Collection, where elegance and romance come together to create the perfect day of your dreams. Today, we proudly present the enchanting LX32 wedding dress from the Dolci Linee Collection, designed for women with voluptuous figures. This wedding dress features a chic and romantic style with a tulle corset that delicately covers the shoulders, adorned with luminous and sparkling beads that add a touch of preciousness and radiance to the upper part. The soft skirt gracefully descends, caressing the hips and flaring at the bottom with a princely effect, imparting refinement without excess.

The Luminous Tulle Corset with Beaded Embroidery

Starting from the upper part, we find a corset in lightweight fabric on the shoulders, a transparent tulle that gives a glimpse of the skin, and embellished with an articulated floral embroidery on the shoulder. The floral motif is repeated throughout the corset, but this time using beads with dazzling colors that illuminate the entire dress and make it precious. The corset ends with a medium waist, flattering women of all heights, and continues with a soft skirt composed of various layers of overlapping tulle, while the embroidery extends down to the mid-leg area. The skirt flares at the bottom, creating a not-too-long train that adds a princely touch to the dress without making it appear excessive. The heart-shaped neckline enhances the bust, veiled by the tulle with a truly refined see-through effect. The short and fluttering veil is adorned at the bottom with a white fabric border, making it unique and a focal point of the outfit. The dress's fit is suitable for all body types, as the shape of the corset, combined with the skirt, elongates the figure, making it appear harmonious.

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