Dress in macramé lace and organza - LX30

Dress in macramé lace and organza - LX30

LX30 - Details

Welcome to the Magnani Sposa Collection, where beauty meets elegance to create the perfect day of your dreams. Today, we are thrilled to present you with the wonderful LX30 wedding dress from the Dolci Linee collection, designed specifically for women with soft curves. This romantic wedding dress is made of exquisite tulle and macramè lace, perfect for the bride who loves to showcase unique details.

Elegance and Femininity with Deep Back Neckline

One of the distinctive features of this dress is the deep back neckline, which is concealed by a light flesh-colored tulle layer adorned with delightful buttons. The butterfly sleeves delicately cover the shoulders, adding a touch of grace and romance to the entire design. This dress is perfect for the romantic bride who wants to enhance her femininity through refined and unique details.

Deep Back Neckline Features

  • Concealed by a light flesh-colored tulle layer
  • Adorned with delightful buttons
  • Butterfly sleeves delicately covering the shoulders

Classic Lines and Play of Light with Lace and Pearls

The wide and smooth skirt, together with the perfect fit of the bodice, gives this dress a classic yet extremely feminine cut. The details on the shoulders and back delicately enhance the curves, without compromising its delicate elegance. The transparency of the tulle applied along the border allows the skin to be glimpsed, veiling it with a touch of sensuality. The bodice is connected to the slightly ruffled skirt through a embroidery of lace and pearls, which give reflections of light and movement to the lines, highlighting the waist.

Lace and Pearls Features

  • Classic and feminine lines
  • Transparency of the tulle revealing the skin
  • Embroidery of lace and pearls giving reflections of light and movement

Romantic and Refined Accessories

The LX30 dress is extremely refined and requires romantic and non-trivial accessories. Lace gloves, a wide-brimmed hat, or a retro-style headpiece are perfect options to complete the look and emphasize its unique beauty.


The LX30 wedding dress from the Dolci Linee collection is an ideal choice for women who desire a romantic, elegant, and refined dress. The mix of tulle and macramè lace, combined with the deep back neckline and the luminous details of lace and pearls, creates a unique and unforgettable wedding dress. Choose Magnani Sposa for the most important day of your life and immerse yourself in the enchantment and beauty of the LX30 dress.

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