Angel sleeve tulle dress - LX 066

Angel sleeve tulle dress - LX 066

LX 066 - Details

The wedding dress in tulle, embellished with embroidered rebrodé lace with floral motifs, and angel sleeves.

A Unique Dream for Every Woman

Model LX066 is a wedding dress that can make every woman's dream unique. Its ample and sinuous shapes highlight a sensual and confident femininity, enriched with precious details that make it a fabulous dress that requires no additional accessories. The light breeze of the tulle envelops the curves of the body, infusing elegance and a touch of allure, while the superbly embroidered rebrodé lace enhances the bodice and the base of the wide skirt with motifs and inserts that elongate the figure and exude grandeur.

Precious Details for a Sensual Allure

  • Angel sleeves
  • Wide skirt with petticoat
  • Deep neckline at the front and back

The most striking detail is the angel sleeves, voluminous and richly adorned with precious embroidery, which recreate a special veil effect through the transparency of the tulle, making any other accessory superfluous. Two extremely feminine necklines accentuate the allure of the bride: the deeper one is at the back, veiled by a delicate layer of precious white tulle with finely crafted lace and embroidery. Thanks to the layers of the petticoat, the skirt gains thickness and amplitude, gracefully following the movements of the body and giving vertical momentum that culminates at the waist with skillfully embroidered lace inserts.

A precious and sensual dress, yet delicate and pure, which, thanks to the transparencies of the tulle, envelops shoulders and back in a triumph of refined elegance.

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